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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Small Business's thrive off the Cloud Relationship.

Small Business's and Cloud Computing
The increased use of Cloud Technology within SMEs's has changed from a luxury technology to a dependency on the platform for efficient business practise.

As figures have recently stated 42% of small business's have no bespoke IT department therefore rendering cloud technology from a third party provider as an essential product for commercial operations.

Across the US where small business's remain the backbone of the economy, 35% of business's SME's in 2012 signed up to a form of Cloud Computing Software. Washington was the friendliest Cloud City with with the largest adoption rate for the technology whilst Washington and San Francisco followed closely behind.

The relationship between SME's and Cloud technology is likely to increase as partnership for exploring larger markets and operating on a global basis due to the principles of the Cloud System. This is an exciting development for our economy and the ability to compete on a global basis as the financial markets continue to restructure themselves.

Author Bio- James Barnett - Oceanic Business 

Friday, 21 September 2012

The Methodology for Building your Online Presence...

Building an online presence
The Methodology for building an online presence is relatively simple if these 7 easy steps are followed.

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Supply Chain Management for the Contemporary Business

Supply Chain Management, keeping costs down.
The Supply Chain is focused on the return in Cash Investment, factoring in the logistical process from production to delivery.

This infographic highlights the model many business's are currently using to keep costs down and ensure a return on cash for buyers.

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Is Google Plus a Ghost Town...?

Is Google Plus a Ghost Town?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Imagine, Experience, Innovate - Trade Show Technology Explained.

The Trade Show is incorporating a more significant role within the marketing plan for small business's seeking cost effective solutions to increase business development success.

One of the industry leaders Nimlok UK have created the unique steps required to take the custom designed trade show booth from concept to delivery.

The map outlines the objectives and process's that begin with targeting the relevant market and overcoming challenges to ensure the shows success.

This guide can be excellent resource for anybody seeking to research the Exhibitions industry and secrets to to a shows delivery.
Author- James Barnett  - Oceanic Business 

Video Conference Technology Elevates Latin America to the Clouds

  An innovative new set of Videoconference products from Cloud Based Solutions leader Columbus are set to provide an economic boost to Latin America and the developing Caribbean countries as the technology is currently being rolled out as cost effective solution for small businesses.

 Key elements of the technology include image manipulation, data storage, connectivity and camera installation and maintenance. Leveraging this new form of communication allows smaller enterprises to compete on the global scale and discover new enterprise solutions and business opportunities within the market place. The capital expenditure and resources required for global communication have held back business in developing countries but the roll out of this technology could see a boom in economic activity.

  The cloud based solutions are also affordable and scalable, providing SME’s with technology that can ensure they stay profitable and competitive.  The cost effective measures also extend to the removal of travel and accommodation costs alongside the ability to host an audience across the globe in effective real-time communications. 

Learn the native Spanish Language for Latin America and join in the technology revolution. 

Author Bio James Barnett  - Oceanic Business