Sunday, 14 April 2013

Four steps to improving your business’s productivity

Four steps to improving your business’s productivity

Four steps to improving your business’s productivity

You don’t have to be Alan Sugar to realise that business productivity has a huge impact on whether your company will be successful.

Although hard work is important, there are other ways to increase your productivity and some are easier than you’d think. Check out our four step guide and boost your profits today:

         Assess the situation: In order to increase productivity, you need to understand where your business is at the moment. Any measurement of efficiency should focus on goods and service produced from raw materials – check out this guide to measuring productivity if you need help.

2      Identify problematic areas: Don’t waste valuable time trying to fix something which is working well in a company-wide overhaul. Instead, identify the areas which will improve your bottom line.

Is it your outdated communications system or your clueless online strategy which is holding you back? Ask employees what they think is being done well and what could be improved. They will appreciate being asked for feedback and you will gain valuable insight.

3      Get training: New or even old employees who have not been properly trained can often impact negatively on company productivity. Whether they’re uncertain on how to prioritise work, use equipment or implement procedure, they could be holding their team back.

Make sure all new employees are adequately trained and schedule refresher courses for existing staff.

4      Outsource where it makes sense: Most small businesses could easily save money through outsourcing at least some tasks, at no risk to results.

Top of this list is payroll, which can be extremely time consuming – check out this guide to in-house vs. outsourced payroll, by UK company Moorepay, for help understanding whether or not their payroll services would work for you.

Similarly, it might pay to outsource IT and technical assistance – if your employees are wasting valuable time trying to handle something beyond their capabilities.

For more info on what services you can realistically outsource, without compromising your services, check out this blog post.


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