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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Experiential inspiration: 5 essential strands in an experiential campaign

Marketing methodology is shaped around the way consumers process communications and respond to messages. TV adverts, direct mail, email marketing, SEO and print strategies are formulated based on the way the consumer thinks, behaves and makes decisions. We analyse human behaviour and psychology to generate campaign success in these areas. On the surface experiential marketing works a little differently; in reality it marries these different methodologies and can act as a catalyst for multi-channel success.
Experiential marketing can be used to support above and below the line techniques or be the icing on an integrated cake. When it comes to the customer, experiential marketing seeks to dictate and enhance the customer journey, accelerate the decision making process and bring the campaign directly to the target audience.

Creativity and customer awareness are key when planning an experiential campaign or event, but there also other essential strands you should consider during the planning stages. The following five campaign components can be seen as benefits of experiential marketing and also be used as key performance indicators.

1) Offers product experience

At the most basic level, many experiential campaigns take the product directly to the customer and ask them to experience it first-hand. This might be through innovative product launches and demonstrations or through more interactive events such as public competitions and social events. Whatever the tactic, this ensures the target market come into contact with the product and removes many of the common barriers to trying it for the first time.

2) Brand extension and differentiation

The type of experiential campaign helps to differentiate the product in the market place and can help shape the perceived brand persona in a number of ways. For example, a drinks company could work alongside a band to set up a one-off club night to promote a product launch and offer tickets to the event as competition prizes.  The type of band, the venue and the likely competition entrant all help to set the tone for the product and act as an extension of the brand, which is differentiated in the market by this approach.

3) Direct relationship building

Whether it’s signing up for an app that allows guests to guess the ingredients in a restaurant’s new menu as they work their way from course to course or leaving an email address in exchange for a carry away sample, experiential marketing offers plenty of opportunities for data capture.  Relationship building also becomes a more organic process as questions are more easily answered on site with products on hand to offer proof in the pudding.

4) A moment to remember

 The ability to build a positive product experience in advance of purchase gives brands the ability to shape the consumer’s view of them and their product from the off. Building a campaign around an experiential event and offering it up as a prize or an extra in relation to a product or service gives the consumer a reason to come into contact with it and ultimately, a moment to remember too.

5) Shareable subjects that generates social signals

In experiential marketing, the campaign often carries itself. Create an experience that consumers want to take part in, talk about and engage with and they will share it and positive information about your product for you. Good experiential marketing is a great support to other offline and online strategies because it encourages sharing, sharing that generates social signals, content, site visits and hopefully, purchases. With careful planning shareability can be built into your campaign and channel your target audience across platforms to purchase.

One example of a brand that continually implements effective experiential marketing campaigns is upmarket sandwich chain Pret A Manger. One particular experiential marketing campaign, which was the brainchild of experiential marketing firm Kommando Ltd, aimed to reinforce Pret A Manger’s core values of providing stylish, fresh and natural produce and service, by transporting customers to their new stores on Pret branded pedicabs, and dispensing free helium balloons, brownie samples, and money off coupons.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What A Small Business Can Outsource Without Affecting Results

What A Small Business Can Outsource Without Affecting Results

At some point in your business ownership, you’ll need to start making decisions about what tasks to keep and what tasks to outsource. This becomes worrisome for business owners, because so many tasks that are outsourced can (and do) affect the quality of work, which also affects the quantity and quality of sales.

If you would like to know of some things you can outsource without risking your results, keep reading. Following are a few great ideas of some tasks you can relieve yourself of with no risk or worry.


Payroll is number one on the list because it’s typically the most practical solution. How much time do you spend dealing with your company’s payroll that you could spend doing something more beneficial to raising your bottom line? Payroll has no ties to your company’s income, which means that you won’t risk affecting results.

Invest in a payroll company that will be able to take over your payroll needs at an affordable price. There are several companies that will work with your budget and any number of employees you have. They will also work on your standards. Perhaps you don’t want to lose total control, or maybe you feel secure enough to let the Payroll company handle every aspect, and all you want is a report to keep on file every cycle. The companies you can choose from will have all of these options available for you. All you have to do is decide. Contact a couple of companies and see if they seem right for you, searching for payroll companies brings back a wide selection of companies the likes of Moorepay.


IT work can be bothersome and time consuming, especially for those who don’t know how to handle it. Hire a professional IT company to handle your in-house IT needs, so that you can free up some time and resources and dedicate them to growing your business.


If you spend too much time dealing with your books, hire a tax specialist or an accountant. The only job they will have is to keep track of your numbers, and file the papers for you during tax time. This is a fantastic resource to free up your numbers day. All you have to do is go over the report at the end to be sure that everything looks right.

Menial Tasks

Menial tasks include, but are not limited to:

·         Scheduling either your employees or your self. You can outsource this part of your life by hiring a virtual assistant that can be in charge of taking phone calls and inquiries that are related to scheduling. They can also be put in charge of creating an in-house schedule for your employees every week.

·         Research can also be outsourced. If you need any kind of information, hire a virtual assistant that specializes in research. They will be at your beck and call to provide any information you need, and they will be good at it.

·         Data entry of any kind should always be outsourced. It’s very straightforward and doesn't affect your company’s results at all. It’s also quite time consuming. Outsourcing data entry tasks could be the best option for you.

·         General administrative tasks could be outsourced as well. Hire an assistant that can do any administrative task for you, from checking, organizing, and responding to your e-mails to sending your thank you notes, get the menial tasks outsourced and see how much time you free up in your day to dedicate to more meaningful work.

Outsourcing can be extremely beneficial to any business owner, and it should be done. However, you should do it right. Be sure to outsource the right way by hiring a company or person to do a job that won’t be affecting your company’s results.