Features - The Social Sphere | Oceanic Business Making your Business ‘likable’ in the Social Sphere. 

It is estimated that every one in 6 minutes online is spent on Facebook. In this social space marketing has become a more dynamic, evolving process that needs to appeal to the consumer through likeability as oppose to brand recognition and cost. Businesses can’t afford to overlook likeability as an elevated force within eCommerce systems and their online marketing strategies.

A social narrative often captures the imagination leveraging online content shares to outreach a larger audience then a traditional campaign could achieve. Social Media also has the ability to allow business’s to listen to their customers providing a swifter open flow of communications. Consumer feedback allows business’s to adapt to their mistake and work with the customer as patterns of behavior are changing. The world is moving so fast, that this dialogue is a necessary tool to stay in the race.

Becoming truly likeable means you must appreciate your customers online and market your services through a story which can resonate with users. Gratitude for repeat customers can often be shown through the online experience and welcoming referral services. Innovate by thinking outside the box to find that exciting twist on a traditional product set.

Social Media prevents business’s bending over backwards to find their audience, and allows customers the freedom to engage with brands which must be seen with a credible rating in the eyes of Web 2.0. Likability can’t’ be bought and business’s mist discover their brand story.   

We hope you find Oceanic Business a likable platform read more about us for further information. 


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